Anna Cordell


when I was lying down to sleep with my 5 year old tonight (that sounds sweet, but most the time I lie down with her out of fear. Really she bullies me into it- ‘lie down with me until I sleep OR ELSE I’ll sabotage your evening!)

BUT once I give in, I’ll often find I actually love it.

I love it because it is a moment where I feel like I’m topping up that little girls tank for the day. I love it because SHE loves it, and she loves it because she obviously gets a lot of comfort out of it.

See, Ruthy can’t really speak the way a 5 year old normally can. Her speech is very delayed… so it’s hard for her to express her needs, and it’s hard for me to fulfil them, so she clings to these routines more than any of my other…

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