Anna Cordell

I’m a mother and a musician and… sometimes I do feel kind of mad (as in crazy!- oh ok, I get angry sometimes too I guess!)

I decided for some reason at the age of 32 with 4 small girls, THIS would be the PERFECT time to embark on the old music dream.

The dream isn’t completely ridiculous, it’s not world domination, I’d just love to be able to write, play, record and perform my songs as a regular part of life.

That sounds pretty simple, but all of that is a LOT more work that I thought, so I thought it might be vaguely interesting to talk about this mission I’ve embarked on and discuss with others all the things that go with attempting to hold onto a creative part of themsleves… I hope it will inspire those people who think it’s too late or silly or whatever to just do it, if they really feel that nagging call to do it the way I did. Because for me, not doing it caused depression. That’s another thing to talk about! wu hu!

Here it is, for the parents, the musicians, the creatives (which I suspect we all are) the crazies!! and ok, I guess you can still read it of you sane!

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